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Make your own GIANT Jenga


If you are in your 30’s or 40’s right now, you probably grew up playing this classic game with your friends. I know I did!

While the original game is still a classic, my friends and relatives have really enjoyed a newer twist on the game, make it huge! (I cannot take credit for inventing the game, we simply built our own set).

It is pretty easy to make your own DIY game, if you have access to a lumber store and a mider saw.

You’re going to need the following:

1.) Six  2×4’s – You are going to want to get the ones that are 8′ in length, and check them over for imperfections… while the game does get interesting if they are uneven, you don’t want the tower to fall over with a small breeze!

2.) mider saw, or some other type of saw to cut through the 2×4’s, and a woodworking or other table to cut the wood.

3.) sandpaper

Once you get your 2×4’s (which in reality measure 3.5″ wide and 1.5″ tall), you’ll want to use the mider saw to cut them into sections 10.5″ long. Just keep cutting! You’ll end up with a little extra at the end of the 8′ that you’ll need to trim off.


You can then sand the rough edges of the pieces if you like, or leave as is.

The set together has 54 pieces! When you set them up to play, it stands about 27″ tall.

I like to store mine in a large tupperware container.


Stack them up in rows of three, as pictured at the top, and you’re ready to play! I usually set my game up on an end table, so it’s a little easier to reach the pieces. If you forgot the rules you can check them out here- from jenga’s official site.



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