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$15 DIY Kids Art Table with Dry Erase Surface

Let’s face it, children LOVE to wreck furniture. It’s just in their nature to spill drinks and smear food (and at my house, it’s always something sticky like syrup or jelly!)

Not to mention the pens, markers, crayons, stamps, and glue. For a four year old, coloring on the table is always much more fun and exciting than a piece of paper. As far as glue… well sometimes I wonder if any glue actually made it to the art project, or if it’s all just there on the table.

So I came up with a cheap and super EASY solution to this problem. I made the kids each their own art & snack table with an easy wipe surface, that can be replaced as often as necessary! I got a lack table from Ikea (Link here- I get no money for posting this, just being helpful) You could use another type of table if you have one handy, as long as you aren’t super attached to it. Then, I went to walmart and bought a $5 roll of this


It’s dry erase paper. And its STICKY. Which means you can apply it to most surfaces with minimal damage when removing (NOTE: some little pieces of surface on my lack table did peel up when reapplying a new paper) Since it’s dry erase, kids can color on it, eat on it, anything really, and it will easily wipe off. Plus, for $5 you get 10ft of dry erase paper. So you can replace it when it starts to look dirty!

Here is a short video on our youtube channel on how to apply the paper (if you prefer). Or Here are the instructions:

  1. Lay the paper out to see how much you need.Screenshot_20181227-170519.png
  2. Cut the paper to the length of the lack table (or other table)Screenshot_20181227-165555.png
  3. Peel off a little of the sticky back, and apply to one corner.Screenshot_20181227-165602.png
  4. Continue peeling and slowly apply the dry erase paper, making sure to smooth as you go. Use a card to do this.Screenshot_20181227-165634
  5. Cut the paper at the end with scissors or a razor to make it the exact size of the table.








And that’s it folks! Now you have an easy-wipe table with a replaceable surface!




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