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How to Easily Germinate a Seed

One of the ways you can create a new plant is through planting seeds. However, you may have found that many seeds are unsuccessful when just planted in soil and watered. My husband has a easy technique for germinating seeds indoors before planting outdoors.

This example is done with a pea seed, but you could do it with any seed you have on hand, even ones that come from fruits or veggies you have on hand. The bigger the seed, the easier it is. (Herbs, such as oregano would be difficult to sprout using this method).

Here is goes:

  1. Gather supplies: seeds, paper towel, tupperware container or ziplock bag, and water.IMG_20190123_140151615.jpg
  2. Select how many you want to germinate.IMG_20190123_140213202.jpg
  3. Fold paper towel in half, then in half again.15482906966101663797712896499798.jpg
  4. Wet your paper towel, not to the point where it is soaking, but thoroughly damp.IMG_20190123_140603524.jpg
  5. Open your paper towel halfway, and put the seeds inside, making sure the seeds aren’t touching each other.IMG_20190123_140625981.jpg
  6. Close the paper towel and place inside of container or ziplock bag.IMG_20190123_140644965.jpg
  7. Place the lid on the container.IMG_20190123_140651888.jpg
  8. Keep in a warm dark place in your home.
  9. Check the seeds after 48 hours. If they have not sprouted, check it daily. It usually takes around 3-4 days to germinate
  10. You can then plant your sprouted seeds in your garden!
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Turn a Sauce Jar into Re-usable Water Bottle

Ever wonder what to do with your tomato sauce jars? If you don’t need them for storing your own prepared foods in, you can turn them into a re-usable water bottle!


Here is what you need:

a drill with a 1/4″ bit

stainless steel drinking straws (any will do, but I bought mine on amazon here)

An empty and cleaned out sauce jar- my specific jar comes from Aldi and is the brand Priano

Here are in the instructions… or watch our video on you tube Here

  1. Clean and rinse out your mason jar.IMG_20190101_142839620

2. Use a 1/4″ drill bit, or one that is roughly the same size as your straw.IMG_20190101_142915380.jpg

3. Drill a hole in the center of the lid.Screenshot_20190101-150055.png

4. Drill on the other side of the lid, in a circular motion, to remove any burrs.Screenshot_20190101-145228-e1546372869149.pngIMG_20190101_143135896.jpg

5. Wash and Fill!